10 Interesting Facts About Dating You Should Know

Interesting Facts About Dating

DATING, an exciting way of meeting new people (in some cases your better half), getting to know them, sipping on a luxurious wine flavour while engaging in endless conversation, walking hand-in-hand amidst the cool breeze admiring the beauty of the city, laughing aimlessly at jokes you though you never can, and that trickling adrenaline rush when we have our first kiss!

Oh god! Dating does make you feel like you’ve never felt before. It makes all of us really happy.

And who knows, you might as well meet the love of your life on a date, finally settle with that one special person of your dreams.

(PS: We just felt the jitters and thrills of thinking about our first date)

But you see, the thing is, biology does play a role in Dating or Falling in Love.

Our romanticized culture has made us prone to looks, smile, bio, location, and all the other things we observe in guys and gals on a dating app.

If you’ve gone on dates before, you’ve probably experienced it, but don’t you think that every date is different, just like every person?

Dating is pretty much a straightforward concept. You click with someone, you like the attitude, way of talking, how they make you feel, whether they love listening or speaking, their taste in music and food, and what not!

But dating is way beyond that!

Only if you would’ve known some interesting facts about dating, you could’ve avoided some bad decisions and heartbreaks in the process.

But not to worry peeps!

Consider this article to be your wingman. Because the details mentioned forward will only make you a smart and conscientious dating partner.

So, let’s do it!

Number 1: Copulatory gaze does the trick

You’ve ever seen deep into someone’s eyes and suddenly you get goosebumps, you start feeling this utter rush of hormones, and all you want to do is grab that person and tell them how much you like them!

Well, ladies and gentleman, this is the power of eye contact, aka copulatory gaze.

As per dating experts, this is the single most powerful tool for attracting a potential date for both men and women. If two people can converse their emotions through their eyes, you are in for a long-term, loving, caring, and dreamy relationship.

Maybe, the person might become your soulmate or lifetime partner too!

Number 2: You can be attracted to their personality but not the person 

What’s the difference, you ask?

When you’re getting to know someone, you might genuinely enjoy their company, love spending time with them, like how other people respect them but still won’t be physically attracted to him/her.

And that is completely normal.

Being attracted to someone’s personality and not the person is similar to liking romantic movies but not Titanic (I know it’s impossible!). It means you are attracted to parts of them but not just their heart.

But it doesn’t mean if you aren’t attracted to them yet, it won’t happen ever.

So, stop feeling bad about yourself.

Number 3: Nerve cells are more active during the first years of love 

Do you know why you like everything the other person does, not hate them for all the silly things they do during the initial dating period and not post that?

Well, it’s because of a protein called Nerve Growth Factor that thrives during the first years of being in love. Also, it is kind of important for certain sympathetic and sensory nerve functions.

That is why you’re more forgiving and loving during young love and not later.

Number 4: Dating is as addictive as cocaine or nicotine

And yes, serial daters do exist!

When you meet a person for the first time, it releases a chemical called dopamine during the early attraction period. But this hormone is also released when using cocaine and nicotine.

Dopamine particularly gives you a rush of pleasure and happiness, which is what makes those drugs so addictive. It also activates testosterone, which, as stated above, is essential for attraction.

So, dating is much better than doing drugs because both of the activities make you feel the same way.

Number 5: You are generally attracted to a person with a different immune system. 

One of the most interesting facts about dating you should know, and mostly a bizarre one as well, but we are attracted to people with a different immune system.

As per research, when women were asked to smell unwashed T-shirts of men (I know it’s gross!), they preferred the smell of a man’s t-shirt whose immune system was different than their own.

What a fact, right!

Number 6: Over 17% of marriages commence with online dating

Modern dating is empowered by technology, making it easy to find your soulmates. Online dating has helped so many people find their perfect partners. This is why one in five relationships and nearly one in six marriages begin from online dating.

With people getting super busy with work and stuff, online dating presents them with an opportunity to talk to complete strangers on the internet, get to know them, and give yourself a chance to find your life partner.

So, the ladies and gentlemen out there, get ready to indulge in a Meet Cute with your future partner.

Number 7: Women run some mathematics in their mind when approached by a guy

Women love men who take the first step towards them and gets their heart all racing and their adrenaline pumping through nerves.

That said, women can be very judgemental (not the bad kind but the good one) when approached by a man. Researches have found that women will base 55% of their first or initial impression of a man on his appearance and body language, 38% on this speaking style, and 7% on what he is actually talking about.

Also for men, if their female companion is enjoying her time with them, she will often smile at your jokes, play with her hair, fidget with objects like a champagne glass, blush when given a compliment, pout her mouth, stumble overworks, and lean in towards them in a kind of sexy way.

Number 8: we are attracted to those to look or smell like our parents

Truth be told, if your partner looks, smells, or treats you like one of your parents, you love the comfort it gives, and that is what sticks you two bunnies together.

For example, if you’re a female and your father wears a certain cologne, that is a comforting and familiar scent for you. And if somebody else were to walk in wearing that cologne and sit along with you, you will find it relaxing.

It makes total sense, even if your friends say it doesn’t.

Number 9: We love to date people who look like ourselves

Quite a narcissistic and self-centric fact, but it is true!

Keeping aside physical features like hair color, eye color, etc., we tend to be attracted to people who have the same ear lobe lengths, metabolic rates, lung capacity, height, etc.

I know this might be hard to believe, but our body does bring all these things into consideration when we are falling head over heels in love with someone or beginning to date someone.

Number 10: A few arguments every now and then are great for your relationship

Remember this; neither you nor your partner are perfect human beings.

Even Adam and Eve weren’t perfect, and they were like the first human beings on Earth, at a time when nobody knew what imperfection was! 

Jokes apart, if something isn’t going right with your relationship, go vocal. As per research, it has been found that an occasional outburst of arguments is actually great for a relationship. 

It lets you talk about things that bother you and help get to know the other person better.

So, if you don’t like it, talk about it!


Alas! Our ride of the most interesting facts about dating comes to an end.

But don’t worry, if you keep these assertions in mind, your dating charm wouldn’t die anytime soon! And, more importantly, when you’re dating someone, observe them beyond their looks and physical strength. Look at their heart and compassion.

What do you think?

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