10 Interesting Facts About Men That Women Should Know

10 Interesting Facts About Men That Women Should Know

The androcentric, masculine, and staminate gender called MEN aren’t just about sports, beer, handling responsibilities, and serving women. There is more to them. 

Men, when they hit puberty, are told how to act, take charge, handle family tasks, and act like a macho non-emotional, non-attached person. 

Probably, this is the reason why you don’t see any of your male friends or family members diving into an ocean of tears.  

Don’t you feel it is too harsh for them?

Like, society practically teaches men to behave as this pillar of strength and competency, sans emotions, feelings, sentiments, affections, heartstrings, and sensations.

And then, you wonder why the guys you date aren’t just more expressive and passionate with you!

Since Adam and Eve came into existence, Adam has always been referred to as the alpha gender in society, somebody who protects everyone under his mighty strong arms.

Not knowing who insinuated this idea, but that is how the diverse cultures around the world built their guidebook entailing varied roles and responsibilities of men and women in their society.

That’s not right!

Everyone needs to have an open room to do anything they want, feel anything they like, and behave in any way they love!

So, if you want to make your guy feel comfortable and at ease, you must know some interesting facts about men.

And, if you are looking for the perfect someone, who knows these interesting facts might as well help you keep up with the next wonder man you meet!

So, let’s go ladies!

10 Interesting Facts About Men That Women Should Know

Number 1: Men are not women!

Okay, this might sound a little stupid to even mention this, but really, men aren’t women! They think, act, and feel differently. The motivation behind their actions is different than yours. 

However, do you know what the main problem is?

It is that women expect men to behave, think, and act the way they do!

And that is what escalates all issues.

So, if you really want your man to have an open ground to express this feeling, you need to bond with them, understand and comprehend the fact that you can never really make them act or feel the way you do.

And that ladies would keep your relationship healthy and wealthy throughout the lifetime.

Number 2: Men has more of a defensive and protective role

In the course of evolution, males have been tasked to defend the turf.

As per research, the defensive part of a male brain is larger than the female counterparts.

While women are more possessive and silent, men tend to become violent in case threat shows up on their face.

So, now you know why your male friends/boyfriends behave like a solid defensive wall every time around you.

Number 3: Men are more about finding the solution than talking about the problem:

While many studies reinforce the empathetic nature of females over males, it is not always the case. Male brains do respond to a stressful situation; they follow more of like the ‘Fix It’ approach. 

With that said, the male instinct is to come up with a solution rather than discuss the problem at lengths.

As a result, men might not show you solidarity in their feelings, but they all about solving it for you!

Number 4: Men are more vulnerable to loneliness than women 

This might be shocking for the gals out there, but men succumb to loneliness easily than women.

Since men are evolutionarily blessed to shut the door of their emotions and feelings, they tend not to reach out or talk about it, and that can take a toll on their brains as well.

Further, men who are in stable relationships tend to be healthier, live longer, and have decreased anxiety levels than other men. 

Number 5: Men too are emotional 

Believe it or not, but females aren’t the only emotional gender. Infact, boys show emotions and sentiments more than girls. Adult men might be a little stronger for their feelings, but they well aware of it. And maybe, all they want to do is talk to someone about it. 

So, if a woman can break the stereotype culture of displaying emotions not being an unmanly thing, you will wake up to a loving man who shows, talks about, and is well acquainted with its sentiments. 

Number 6: Men have super fragile egos

Not a shock per se but more of a well-known fact, the male ego is super competitive and fragile. And that is very important when dealing with any man!

Even if you slightly challenge their masculinity, you will see them running to the highest hills to prove you wrong.

However, this super high male ego is not something men are born with, but what society teaches them. Remember, men are just bigger boys whose egos have been conditioned throughout their growth phase. So, keep this in mind before you say anything to them.

Number 7: Guys are not good mind readers

Where one lacks, the other fulfills!

Evolution was a real charm for Homo sapiens. And that’s the reason why guys are not good mind readers because women have been granted that power.

So, when you get upset about guys not handing out their opinions and indulging with you, it’s because guys don’t know what to think or say. 

The classic guy reply, ‘I don’t know’, or ‘Nothing’ is not just a phrase they use to get out of the situation, but it is actually because they don’t know anything about it. Your man is not hiding anything from you. A lot of times, there is nothing on their mind at that particular moment.

Number 8: Men like compliments from other men than women

Whosoever said that men don’t like compliments didn’t really know how to pass them properly! 

Also, there is a popular notion that men accept compliments from the opposite sex with pleasure, but infact, they are more pleased when they receive compliments from other men (PS: Their sexual orientation doesn’t make a difference).

As per a study, men accept compliments smoothly and thank them for it only 30% of the time.

Therefore, a man receiving a compliment from another man is likely to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

So yes, men like compliments from other men.

Number 9: Male friendships are based on shared interests

Unlike females who can bond over anything like emotions and stories, for men, it is mainly out of common interests.

Men can bond over football, cricket, poker, cigarette, drinks, or even poker.

And guess what, this is proven too!

So, if you’re thinking about how did you find your male best friend, well, it is definitely over some mutual liking for something.

Number 10: A man’s lifestyle depends on its IQ

You can find this bizarre, but a man’s influence or their way of living depends on their IQ level, or particularly whether they abuse alcohol or not.

As per research, men with a lower IQ often drink too much. But excessive drinking is sometimes related to the emotional complications in their life.

Nevertheless, researchers believe that men with a higher level of intelligence lead a healthier lifestyle.


Quite precisely, men aren’t some success objects, and you can’t decide their worth with their wallet balance. Although earlier times demanded men to take care of everything in terms of finances, the 21st century has completely changed that notion.

Men are beautiful creatures who are smart, loving, and compassionate.

And they should feel free to do anything.

Hope these interesting facts about men that women should know served you ladies in some way.

Regardless, you must always remember to make your man feel special about everything they are and do!

What do you think?

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