10 Interesting Facts About Human Behaviour That You Must Know

Interesting Facts About Human Behaviour

Were you ever in a situation and you reacted a certain way, and then you wondered, 

Wait, why did I do that? 

What had gone into me? 

Was I on painkillers or something?

How did I even do that?

I’m never like this! 

Well, we’ve all been there and done that. 

And, to be frank, the functioning of the human mind is a mystery for its own species! 

Not even doctors understand the full specificity of the human brain, the wonders of the conscious and subconscious mind, and how it significantly influences Homo sapiens behaviour.

Even the top psychologists vouch with the bewilderments and amazements of humans, their brains, and sui generis mind. 

The most unbelievable stance is that even though all humans have the same biological composition, they are defined by their physical behaviour, personality, perception, and emotional aspects. 

But think about it this way, how about if you could know some interesting facts about human behaviour, understand why you feel a certain way, or do the things you do! Well, to be correct, no human has understood its true power to date. But it is always interesting to know a little bit of your history and study how your mind took that widely popular evolutionary walk. 

And guess what, these psychic facts about human behaviour might help you to take control of what you think and focus on its goodie things that make you so wonderful and unique. 

So, let’s end this curiosity and get our reel ready for the best interesting facts about human behaviour film. 

Fact 1: Humans are prone to change blindness

Say what?

Well, change blindness, also called inattention blindness, is when people miss bigger changes in their visual field. 

Let’s suppose; you are viewing a website or an article on your computer screen. Now, you might think that just because it is on the screen, you will glance at it. But that where you went wrong. 

Humans are prone to miss out on bits of information on the screen, especially when you refresh it. You keep the layout of a screen the same with different details. And, we won’t even know that it is a secondary screen. 

So, what does it teach you?

Just because something happens in your visual field doesn’t mean you are consciously aware of it, let alone things happening in your blind spot. 

And our behaviour changes accordingly.

Fact 2: Humans can only remember 3 to 4 things at a time and never more than that

Do you like multi-tasking?

Well, of course, you do. 

Thanks to movie flicks, we all feel like we can do everything and anything. 

The human memory and information processing system can only control things that are in a group of 3 or 4. So, if we don’t repeat things, they will disappear from your mind in a click.

You might think that you’ll remember everything in your brain’s task sheet, but frankly for things more than 3 or 4, you need a paper and pen.

That is actually why phone numbers are in the group of 3 or 4 only. 

Fact 3: We are blessed with the canonical perspective power

Remember, Old is always Gold! 

And, this old research proves that. 

During the 1980s, researchers asked people to draw a human cup, and everyone drew a side-looking cup. 

Viola, the common canonical perspective!

Thinking why they did this?

Because that is our view of a coffee cup, the side angle of our drink kept on the kitchen tables. 

Such results proved that whenever told to imagine an object, we do so from a canonical perspective and that influences our thinking too.

So, whenever you’re adding images or icons to your website, you need to consider its canonical view. 

Fact 4: Most of the decisions are made unconsciously

So, you’re thinking of buying a pair of boots, and then you go online to find the perfect one. Now, when deciding which one, you weigh in a lot of factors, its price, brand, quality, and utility. 

As per research, you might think that your decision-making process is a conscious and deliberate one, but you’re mistaken. It is through unconscious mental processing. When our conscious mind is crunching numbers and aspects, your unconscious mind has evolved all the data and is deciding what’s best for us. 

And, that’s why people always say, trust your gut. And, most of the time, we do that, in turn, relying on our unconscious mind and letting it decide on our behalf. 

Fact 5: We run our memories like a movie clip in our mind

We like movies. Don’t we! 

Now, remember something memorable that you did like five years ago and watch yourself talk about it like a recent happening. 

That said, our mind is designed to experience memories of events like little movie clips that play in the back of our minds. We tend to think that our memories are complete and do not change at all, but that is not what happens. 

In actuality, our memories undergo reconstruction every time we think about them. These memories are tied to the nerve pathways that fire up each time we dive into it, and we might even add details that we don’t remember much or never happened. 

Fact 6: Humans cannot multi-task at all

You think you can talk, type, watch, and learn at the same time. 

And probably, everyone around them thinks that too. 

But truth be told, our cognitive power allows us to work one thing at a time. We can place our thoughts on one thing at a time. So, you might be talking, reading, or typing, but it’s always one thing at a time. 

But, we are pretty good at switching between tasks and then phrase it as multi-tasking, but in reality, we are not multi-taskers.

Fact 7: We get addicted or obsessed with activity because of the dopamine levels

Do you feel you’re getting attached, addicted, or into something a lot, and there is no way you can stop or pause it?

Well, it’s not your fault. 

Humans tend to get stuck to one thing because of their dopamine levels and do everything in their power to practice it. Dopamine is created in several parts of our brain and influences our thinking, moving, sleeping, mood, attention, motivation, seeking, and reward activities. 

Quite correctly, dopamine is associated with our pleasure senses, but it does affect our general level of arousal and goal-directed behaviour. This neurotransmitter helps us stay curious about ideas and fuels our information as well. 

So, next time you are habituated to something, blame your dopamine levels. 

Fact 8: We like choices, but our mind can’t process all that information

Humans love choices for everything. Be it grocery, clothes, furniture, etc. Alternatives are a way of our life, a rigid inclusion into all our decision-making processes. The feeling of standing in an aisle and glancing at all those products is exciting and overwhelming. 

But, the thing is, we can’t process all this information even if we wanted to. 

The human mind has evolved to like choices but hasn’t been trained to accept or practice them all at once. Which is why we miss most of the necessary information and keep only the comparison points in mind. 

Say thanks to dopamine that makes you addicted to the choices and to your confidence levels that help us decide to stop seeking more information. 

Fact 9: We can’t stop paying attention to food, sex, and danger

Do your eyes slip away to the site of an accident even if you don’t want them to?

Or, if you’re seeing somebody having a really delicious meal, you can’t move away from your eyes?

Well, it is not your fault; we just can’t control ourselves from looking at scenes of danger. 

As per research, we have three brains, the new brain deals with conscious aspects, the midbrain deals with logical aspects, and the old brain is interested in survival tactics. 

From an evolutionary point of view, the old brain developed first. And that is why you can’t ignore sex, food, and danger in your vicinity. So, you don’t have to eat the chocolate cake when you see it, you don’t have to flirt with the most attractive person in the room, and you don’t have to run away from an unusual sight, but you will still notice all such things whether you want it or not. 

Fact 10: Our unconscious mind is faster than our conscious mind

You think you know something because of your logical and reliable mind, but that isn’t the case. When presented with a scenario, our unconscious mind runs simulations much before our conscious mind. No matter what the situation is, our unconscious mind takes charge of things before its counterparts. 

So, when you’re thinking that your logical side of the brain is the reason you got something right, it is actually our old knowledge about that information that pieces things up. 


Situations, conditions, and experiences are what shapes human behaviour. 

And quite frankly, we can surprise even ourselves sometimes.  Hopefully, reading about the interesting facts about human behaviour might help you know something about yourself and even control your actions.

What do you think?

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