10 Interesting Facts About NFL

Interesting Facts About NFL

Are you a fan of the NFL and curious to know the interesting facts about NFL? This article outlines some of the most interesting facts about this amazing league.

The NFL is the world’s largest and most well-renowned American football league. It started in 1920 and right from its beginning, this league became one of the most lucrative leagues in the world.

The NFL has a very strong following all across the globe.

We will take a look at some of the most interesting facts about this amazing league, its team, and the players who participate in this. So, without any fuss, let’s get to the top 10 interesting facts about NFL.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About NFL

Fact #1: The Oldest Teams in the NFL

The National Football League, widely known as the NFL, was launched in 1920. The oldest active team in the league is the Arizona Cardinals. As the Morgan Athletic Club, this squad started in 1898.

The NFL’s oldest franchises are Green Bay, the Chicago Bears, and the Arizona Cardinals. The two joined the league in 1921 and 1920, respectively, after it was founded in 1919.

Since 1919, the NFL team has been known as the “Packers” to set it apart from competing organizations. In addition to two NFL championships, the Cardinals have won one Super Bowl. They still belong to the NFC West Division today, as they have since 2002.

Fact #2: The Chicago Bears Have Never Had a Quarterback with 4,000 Yards

Since Sid Luckman in the 1940s, the Bears haven’t had an exceptional quarterback. However, even teams that feel the same anguish have at least one. The first 4,000 yards reached in an AFL season were Joe Namath’s in 1967. Additionally, it is especially alarming considering today’s high-flying crimes.

In Chicago, quarterbacks like Jim McMahon, Rex Grossman, Jay Cutler, and others have had successful seasons but have yet to reach the 4,000-yard mark. Cutler and Erik Kramer each got within 200 yards, and Cutler surpassed the 3,000-yard mark five times.

Fact #3: Highest NFL Revenue

The team with the highest registered revenue in 2021 was the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys earned $1.09 billion of the total $17.19 billion in gross revenue from NFL teams.

They became the most successful NFL franchise thanks to a 26% increase from the previous year. A $5.7 billion valuation makes the Cowboys the most valuable franchise.

By 2022, each NFL team became more valuable, rising to an average of 28% i.e., $4.47 billion year-over-year.

The Cowboys have been on the rise and their value reached a magical landmark of $8.0 billion. That makes them the most expensive NFL franchise.

Fact #4: During a game, the NFL Commissioner Died in the Stands

On October 11, 1959, NFL Commissioner Bert Bell was at Philadelphia’s Franklin Field for a meaningless game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bert Bell suffered a heart attack as he watched the Eagles intercept Tommy MacDonald late in the fourth quarter.

Some reports say that the score caused Bell’s heart attack.

However, others argue that the enraged crowd reaction may have diverted the Steelers’ defense.

Given that Bell is the reason the draft is still in place, Bell’s untimely passing marked a real game pioneer. The NFL was never the same after Pete Rozelle was elected commissioner following his passing.

Fact #5: 21 Games Without a Loss

When the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the New England Patriots, 20–34, on October 31, the Patriots’ 21-game winning streak ended.

The Chicago Bears achieved an 18-win run twice: Once in the 1933–1934 season, when they lost to the New York Giants, and again in the 1941–1942 season, when they lost to the Washington Redskins. The Green Bay Packers played 19 games without defeat.

Fact #6: Thurman Thomas’s Missing Helmet

Thurman Thomas, who played running back in each of the Buffalo Bills’ four consecutive Super Bowls in the 1990s, missed Super Bowl XXVI. Thomas was forced to sit out the Super Bowl XXVI game until his helmet was located.

This was due to a mix-up shortly before the Bills entered the field. The Washington Redskins won 37-24 against the Bills under Joe Gibbs. The fact that Thomas missed two opening plays because of confusion in the locker room is still a funny NFL fact.

Fact #7: During 17 Weeks, the NFL Featured More than 200 Games

There are approximately 256 games in each NFL season!

Over 17 weeks, each American football club plays 16 games. Except for Week 17, when all teams play on the same day, each team plays one game every week.

The NFL playoffs consist of three rounds of games that culminate in the Super Bowl as the ultimate title.

Among American sporting events, the Super Bowl is the most watched. Between September and December, the players from the 12 clubs that advance compete in the January playoffs.

Fact #8: Broncos’ Touchdown Passes are More than Doug Williams’

Doug Williams’ outstanding performance in Super Bowl XXII, in which he threw four touchdown passes in a rout, cemented his place in NFL history.

The Broncos have made it to the Super Bowl eight times and received the same touchdown passes from Doug Williams as they did on that February afternoon in 1988.

The fact that the Broncos average a touchdown pass every other Super Bowl trip remains one of the most prestigious statistics in NFL history.

This is despite having three Lombardi Trophies and a quarterback roster that includes John Elway and Peyton Manning, two living giants of the game.

Fact #9: The Saints Go Marching In

In 2010, the New Orleans Saints became the first team to win the Super Bowl. It was a momentous occasion because Hurricane Katrina had destroyed the city only four years prior. It was an NFL fact worth remembering.

The Saints appeared in the championship game, defeating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. In a time of utter uncertainty, the victory was a beacon of hope for New Orleans and helped unite the locals. The city had been waiting for years for this long-awaited victory.

Fact #10: Brett Favre’s first NFL pass

On September 13, 1992, Favre completed his first pass to the player in whom he had the utmost confidence in his first season in Green Bay.

Himself, Favre lost seven yards as his bootleg pass struck a Buccaneers helmet and bounced back into his own hands.

As a 2009 Minnesota Viking, Favre caught another ball from himself, although it was just for a two-yard loss. The last additional NFL player to catch a pass after 40.

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Final Thoughts

The most popular sport in America is both entertaining and brutally competitive. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

In this post, we discussed 10 interesting facts about the NFL. We attempted to provide you with some of the most interesting NFL trivia. We hope you find it amusing and can tell your friends about it when your team plays its next major game.

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