10 Amazing ​Facts About Turkey

Amazing Facts About Turkey

Turkey is the land of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey, and the first president of Turkey. Owing to his steadfast beliefs in secularism, equality, and freedom of speech, Turkey is probably the only Muslim-majority country without any glaring instances of zealotry and extremism.

Moreover, Turkey is blessed with a unique culture and is a perfect blend of traditions and modernization. Having cultural connections with the Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, it is also home to the iconic Hagia Sophia, a former Christian Cathedral.

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10 Amazing ​Facts About Turkey

Fact #1: Turkey Has More Than 130 Peaks over 3000 Meters

Turkey is home to almost 130 peaks that are over 9,800 feet. The highest mountain in Turkey is Mount Ararat, which is 16,854 feet tall. Palandoken is the second-highest mountain in Turkey, at 10,200 feet.

Here are the 10 highest mountains in Turkey:

  1. Mount Ararat (Ağrı Dağı) – 16,854 feet
  2. Palandoken (Kaçkar Dağları) – 10,200 feet
  3. Kaçkar Dağı (Kaçkar Dağları) – 10,137 feet
  4. Süphan Dağı (Süphan Dağı) – 14,415 feet
  5. Erciyes Dağı (Erciyes Dağı) – 13,755 feet
  6. Aladağlar (Aladağlar) – 13,562 feet
  7. Bolkar Dağı (Bolkar Dağı) – 13,456 feet
  8. Karacadağ (Karacadağ) – 13,427 feet
  9. Akdağ (Akdağ) – 13,231 feet
  10. Hasan Dağı (Hasan Dağı) – 13,122 feet

These mountains are located in the Eastern Anatolian Region of Turkey. The region is known for its rugged terrain and high altitudes. The mountains are popular for hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

Fact #2: 10th Largest Crop producer globally

Ranking as the 10th largest crop producer globally, Turkey continues to showcase its pioneering heritage in agriculture. In addition to staple cereals, the country distinguishes itself by abundant cultivation of cotton, sunflowers, beans, grapes, apples, dried fruits and robust livestock. Turkey’s enduring commitment to diverse agricultural activities underlines its important contribution to the global food market.

Fact #3: Istanbul is the Only City in the World That Exists on Two Continents

Istanbul, a city with a truly unique geographical location, straddles the continents of Europe and Asia. This metropolis is not just a hub connecting two landmasses; It embodies a rich tapestry of cultures, histories and influences from both sides of the Bosporus.

Istanbul’s skyline, adorned with iconic landmarks such as the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, serves as a visual testament to its dual continental identity. This dual-continental quality makes Istanbul a captivating and vibrant metropolis, seamlessly blending the best of both the European and Asian worlds.

Fact #4: The National sport of Turkey is oil wrestling

The national sport of Turkey is oil wrestling, a specific form of wrestling where competitors douse themselves in olive oil before engaging in a match. This unique wrestling style, deeply rooted in Turkish culture, adds an interesting element to the traditional sport.

The liberal use of olive oil not only makes the matches visually distinctive but also introduces an additional layer of challenge, requiring skill and strategy. Tel wrestling serves as a captivating embodiment of Turkey’s cultural heritage, showcasing both athleticism and a connection to the country’s rich history.

Fact #5: Santa Claus was born in Turkey

Patara, located in the southwestern region of Turkey, is the birthplace of Saint Nicholas, commonly known as Santa Claus. This historically significant city has the honor of being the origin of the beloved personality associated with generosity and gift-giving during the festive season.

Saint Nicholas’s connections with Patara add a fascinating layer to the city’s cultural heritage, inviting visitors to trace the roots of the legendary figure amid the historical charm of this Turkish location.

Fact #6: Turkey is the largest producer of Hazelnuts

Turkey is a major producer of hazelnuts, cultivated in abundance on Corylus trees. The country’s favorable climate and geographical conditions contribute to the substantial development of hazelnut plantations, making Turkey a major global supplier.

Renowned for their rich flavor and versatility, Turkish hazelnuts are an important ingredient in the international market, finding applications in various industries from confectionery to culinary manufacturing. The vast cultivation of hazelnuts on Turkey’s picturesque landscapes underlines the country’s important role in meeting the global demand for this prized and delicious nut.

Fact #7: Land of Mosques

Turkey, often called the land of mosques, boasts a population where 99% practice the Islamic faith. This spiritual landscape is reflected in the presence of 82,693 mosques across the country.

These architectural wonders serve as both places of worship and cultural sites, reflecting the deep connection between Turkey and Islam. The abundance of mosques not only highlights the breadth of religious practices but also contributes to the rich cultural tapestry that defines Turkey as a nation with a deep and enduring Islamic heritage.

Fact #8: Turks love Facebook

Turkey has the third largest Facebook user base globally, behind the United States and Britain. Nearly 14 million users in the country are actively engaged with the platform, underscoring the significant presence of social media in Turkish society.

This widespread use reflects the nation’s digital connectivity and the role of platforms like Facebook in shaping communication, information dissemination, and online interactions among the Turkish populace. The substantial user count positions Turkey as a noteworthy player in the international social media landscape.

Fact #9: Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is the world’s largest outdoor market

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the world’s largest outdoor market, spanning 64 streets, 4,000 shops and a bustling community of 25,000 workers. Built in the 15th century during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed, this historic market has developed into a vibrant cultural and commercial centre.

The bazaar’s rich history, coupled with its immense size, offers visitors a unique experience as they walk through the centuries-old streets and explore the diverse range of goods and crafts, making it an iconic destination among Istanbul attractions. becomes.

Fact #10: Turkey was one of the first countries that allowed women to vote

Turkey emerged as a leader in women’s rights by granting them the right to vote early in its history. Turkish women achieved this feat in local elections on April 3, 1930.

Remarkably progressive for its time, Turkey established a legal framework to ensure gender equality, with women and men having equal rights except in the matter of suffrage.

This progressive stance underlined Turkey’s commitment to promoting gender equality, contributing to a legacy of inclusivity and paving the way for subsequent progress in women’s rights within the country.

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In conclusion, these 10 amazing facts about Turkey reveal a nation rich in history, culture and unique contributions to the world. From its breathtaking landscapes to the ancient wonders scattered across its terrain, Turkey’s allure is undeniable.

The blend of tradition and modernity, reflected in its diverse cuisine and dynamic cities, adds to the attraction. Turkey’s important role in history, as seen in the birthplace of Santa Claus and the origin of oil wrestling, further solidifies its importance.

As a bridge between continents, a cultural mosaic and a global player, these Turkey facts continue to fascinate with its extraordinary stories and experiences, truly living up to the label of “Surprising Facts about Turkey”.

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