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Vision-impaired celebrities who struggle with sight

Here’s a list of 19 Vision-impaired celebrities who struggled with sight, this includes the likes of Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, and Robin Williams.



His unique eyewear look isn’t just for fashion. In 2014, Bono shared that he has been suffering from glaucoma for 20 years.

Fetty Wap


The famous rapper Fetty has been plagued with rumors about his missing eye throughout his career. There are many theories amongst the fans, the most popular theory being that he was shot in the eye! According the rapper, he has been suffering from congenital glaucoma because of an accident when he was a child. As a result, he ended up having his left eye surgically removed.

Missy Elliott


Missy Elliott has suffered from an autoimmune disease called Grave's Disease, which affects the thyroid. This disease causes eyes to become more prominent and bulge as the thyroid gland produces excessive hormones. This can lead to blurred vision.

Judi Dench


An extremely famous, Oscar winning actress, Judi Dench was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in both eyes. This condition caused a severely blurred vision.

Venus Williams


A 7-time grand slam winner, Venus Williams had suffered from a rare autoimmune disease called Sjögren's syndrome. This syndrome is painful and causes blurred vision. Williams has to use eye drops frequently even during her games.

Ray Charles


Just like many other celebrities in this list, the legendary musician was born with congenital glaucoma. Left untreated, the diseases made him completely blind in the very young age of seven. He used Braille to learn piano and became one the greatest musicians of all time.

Stevie Wonder


Stevie Wonder, a musical legend who was born blind due to rare condition called retinopathy of prematurity. The disease generally occurs in a premature babies born earlier than 31 weeks.

Ella Fitzgerald


For the last decade of her life, the legendary Ella had suffered from an advanced diabetes. She had suffered with many side-effects including her eye-sight loss.

Stephen Curry


Professional basketball player Stephen Curry had suffered from Keratoconus, a condition that thins corneas. The condition usually progressed through adolescence to adulthood an dead to blindness if no treatment is done.

Andrea Bocelli


The famous opera singer, Andrea Bocelli was born with glaucoma which already affected his but he lost his eye-sight at the age of 12 after hitting his head in a soccer accident.

Larry King


The late American television and radio host, Larry King developed cataract later in life. This disease causes eye lens cloudy and blur vision. It was safely removed through the surgery to restore the vision.

Ronald Reagan


The former US President and Hollywood actor, Ronald Reagan suffered from severe short-sightedness. In 1942, he enlisted in the army but wasn’t allowed to take part due to the blurred vision. It was said that he could only see one yard in front of him.

Stephen King


The world-famous horror writer, Stephen King suffered from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), similar to Judi Dench. The author had suffered with poor vision throughout his life but now almost legally blind.

Georgia O’Keeffe


The American modernist artist, Georgia O’Keeffe developed age-related macular degeneration (AMD) later in life. She lost her central vision and just held her peripheral vision, making it hard to paint.

Alice Walker


The great American author, Alice Walker famous for her novel ‘The Color Purple’, lost her left eyesight at a very young age when she was eight years old when her brother shot her with a BB gun.


The Filipino-American rapper was bon with a disease called nystagmus. This disease causes rapid involuntary eye movements and impacts vision. He’s legally blind with both eyes.

Thom Yorke


Thom Yorke was born with paralysis on the left half of his face, making his eyelid droop. He had to undergo five surgeries to fix this but the final surgery damaged his eye, leaving him with impaired vision.

Slick Rick


Rapper Slick Rick is known for wearing a scope of brassy eye patches in front of an audience. When he was an infant, his eye was damaged by a broken glass.

Johnny Depp


In 2013, during an interview with Rolling Stone, Johnny Depp shared about his poor vision for most of his life.