#1: A lot of things that they do is based on emotional logic

Women tend to be more emotional than men, but that's not always a bad thing. Women understand how to "feel" more deeply, and are therefore better equipped for parenthood and career success.

#2: Women mature faster than men

It has been shown that the women brain matures much earlier than those of men, which can result in a better mental performance.

#3: Physical changes in women does affect their mood

Physical and hormonal changes in women not only impact their mood and cause physical discomfort but it also changes the way she thinks.

#4: They respond to pain and anxiety differently than men

The female brain is more responsive to even a small amount of pain and stress. Women report more pain in comparison to the men, prominently in their bodily areas. So, think about the pain they go through during menstruation, childbirth, lactation, perimenopause and menopause.

#5: They are strong and resilient, but need nurturing

Women are strong and resilient. They don’t set their mind on something and let someone else dictate the way they act. Instead, they make their own rules, and put their whole soul into it.

#6: A woman’s brain is different than a man’s

A study shows that women tend to have larger volumes in brain areas concerning language and emotions. Men, on the other hand, have larger volumes in brain regions dealing with survival instincts, memory, and learning.

#7: Women love people who are great listeners

Women want good listeners who can give them the space to talk about anything that's on her mind.