6 Famous Predictions by Nostradamus

Famous Predictions by Nostradamus

Nostradamus has been considered to be one of the most renowned soothsayers of the 16th century. His predictions have been equally celebrated as well as ridiculed for centuries by many. His prophecies are still known by the masses today as books laden with his predictions are still rolled out.

He was a physician by profession who began publishing his predictions and named the book “Centuries” in 1555. He presented his predictions in the form of 4 liners which are called the quatrain.

He gained a huge amount of fame when his foresight appeared to be true. His prophecies revolved around events such as wars and natural disasters.

Nostradamus was one of the most known foretellers and these predictions took the world by storm. Many people believe that his prophecies predicted actual events.

Here is a collection of 10 famous predictions by Nostradamus that swept the rug off of everybody’s feet:

1. The Great Fire Of London.


"The blood of the just will be lacking in London,
Burnt up in the fire of '66:
The ancient Lady will topple from her high place,
Many of the same sect will be killed."


A fire broke out in Thomas Farriner’s bakery that swallowed the entire city of London on September 2nd, 1666. This came to be known as The Great Fire of London. The small fire that turned out to be a three-day firestorm consumed London.

It destroyed the houses of 70,000 of the City’s ca and 80,000 inhabitants. The death numbers from the fire are unknown. It is believed that at least 6 people died.

The fire eliminated millions and millions of flea-carrying rats which were responsible for spreading the Black Death. This is referred to as “Blood of the just” by Nostradamus in his quatrains.

2. The French Revolution


"Songs, chants, and demands will come from the enslaved
Held captive by the nobility in their prisons
At a later date, brainless idiots
Will take these as divine utterances."


The people of France marked the start of the French revolution when they decided they wanted to break free from the aristocratic rule in 1789.

They attacked a Paris-based fortress that operated as the penitentiary and stood as the symbol of royals’ cruelty towards the peasants.

They later captured Paris and kidnapped the royals in exchange for their demands being fulfilled. Some of these royals were also guillotined later on.

3. Louis Pasteur and his discoveries


"The lost thing is discovered, hidden for many centuries.
Pasteur will be celebrated almost as a God-like figure.
This is when the moon completes her great cycle,
But by other rumors he shall be dishonored."


A French chemist and physician, Louis Pasteur discovered the process of fermentation. He made many great discoveries and inventions which are attributed to his name.

He invented a process where packaged and non-packaged foods are treated with minimum heat to eliminate bacteria and pathogens. This process came to be known as ‘pasteurisation’ and was named after him.

He made various other contributions which led to the invention of vaccines for anthrax and rabies. In 1897, a book published by science historian Gerald L.

Geison mentioned that Pasteur included his opponent’s findings to make his anthrax vaccine work and function. This conclusion ”dishonoured” Pasteur as Nostradamus mentioned in his prediction.

4. The terror of Hitler in Europe


"From the depths of the West of Europe,
A young child will be born of poor people,
He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop;
His fame will increase towards the realm of the East."

And …

"Beasts ferocious with hunger will cross the rivers,
The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister.
Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn,
When the child of Germany observes nothing."


In 1889, Hitler was born to very poor parents in Venice, Austria. He was born just a few miles away from a river named the Danube River.

Hister is an older name for the Danube river even though it is believed to be a typo by many. Hitler impressed everyone with his excellent oratory skills and led a German troop named the Nazi party which followed World War 1. Being part of the Axis power, Germany allied with Japan in the west.

5. The Atomic Bomb dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki


"The heavenly dart with stretch its course
Death in the speaking: a great achievement
The proud nation brought low by the stone in the tree
Rumours of a monstrous human, bring purge, then expiation."


America dropped an atomic bomb on Japan’s national island Hiroshima Nagasaki where hundreds and thousands of people were killed. As argued by many historians, the end of World War 2 was marked by this event.

Nostradamus refers to the mushroom-shaped smoke that clouded above the island, by mentioning “the stone in the tree” in his quatrain.

Some people managed to escape but later suffered from radiation poisoning. This radiation poisoning killed them.

There could be other interpretations that could be drawn from the same quatrain. An object that’s supposed to be bound to the ground appears where it should not- like the sky.

This could be another explanation that could be drawn from the quatrain.

6. John F. Kennedy’s assassination


"The ancient task will be completed
From on high, evil will fall ont he great man
A dead innocent will be accused of the deed
The guilty on will remain in the mist.


“On high” refers to John F. Kennedy’s assassination back in 1963; the bullet fired, and entered his head from the roof level.

Lee Harvey Oswald who was accused to be the culprit of the offense, passed away before he could even face the trial.

He was killed by a Dallas nightclub owner when he was in police custody. Oswald also relentlessly claimed that he was being framed and was innocent.

Nobody can say for sure who assassinated John F. Kennedy. 61% of Americans, according to the recent Gallup poll, believe it to be a conspiracy.

What do you think?

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