10 Amazing Facts about Ramayana

Amazing Facts About Ramayana

Jai Shri Ram! In this article, we will cover the 10 amazing facts about Ramayana, the Epic.

For over three thousand years, Lord Rama has fascinated millions of people across the world. His life and deeds are celebrated in the Hindu epic, The Ramayana. One of the oldest religious texts still in existence today, the Ramayana tells us an incredible story about the triumph of truth and good over evil. Known in English as The Lord’s Ramayana, this ancient text can teach us many great life lessons. Amazing facts about Ramayana will open your eyes to its wisdom.

The Ramayana was the story that the creator Brahma, narrated to the sage Valmiki who he had met. The story of Ramayana is known as one of the most amazing facts in India and throughout the world. In this article, you will get to know the amazing facts about Ramayana that occurred before and during the life of Lord Rama, also known as Dasavatar and Avatar of Vishnu.

10 Mind-Blowing and Amazing Facts about Ramayana

Fact #1: Laxman Didn’t Sleep for 14 Years

When Ram left for exile, Urmila agreed – though reluctantly – to let Laxman follow the elder brother and wife into the jungle. But Laxman had also approached Goddess Nidra – the one who controls the sleep of an individual – to free him of the need to sleep for the exile period. He wanted to be vigilant and take care of the safety of Ram and Sita. So he struck a deal with Nidra Devi. Laxman doesn’t sleep at all for 14 years and his quota of sleep is availed of or fulfilled by his wife Urmila, who stayed back at the palace in Ayodhya.

Hence, he is also known as “Gudakesh”, which means ‘someone who has conquered sleep’.

Fact #2: Gayatri Mantra is the Essence of the Epic Ramayana

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः । तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्यः धीमहि । धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ।।

Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ
Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the oldest and most potent Sanskrit mantras. It is the essence of this sacred epic, Ramayana. The Gayatri Mantra consists of 24 letters, the Valmiki Ramayana has 24,000 verses, and each mantra has been derived from a verse that occurs after every 1000 verses. Just as the Valmiki Ramayana deals with all aspects of human life in his 24,000 verses, so does this mantra encapsulate in its 24 letters whatever pertains to our world and beyond.

Fact #3: Lord Ram Also Had a Sister

You will often hear about Ram’s brothers, but very few people have listened to that Shri Ram also had a sister. Shanta was older than the four brothers. Kaushalya was his mother. Once Rompad’s king Angadesh and his queen Varshini came to Ayodhya, they had no children. During the conversation, when King Dasharatha learned this and said, I will give you Shanta, both Rompad and Varshani were very happy on hearing it. They took care of him with great affection and fulfilled all duties of parents.

Fact #4: Avatar

Lord Vishnu Avatar

Lord Rama was the avatar of Lord Vishnu. His brother Lakshmana is considered to be the incarnation of Sheshnag. But very few people know that Bharata and Shatrughna are believed to be the incarnation of Sudarshan-chakra and conch-shell, respectively. Lord Vishnu carries these.

Fact #5: Here lived Rama-Sita

Most of us know that Shri Ram, Sita and Lakshaman wandered through the forest. But very few of us know the name of the forest where they spent their exile. The name of that forest was Dandakaranya. This forest was spread over 35,600 square miles (92,000 km2) and included parts of present-day Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

The name of that forest had been given due to the fact that it was considered to be the home of the fiercest of demons.

Dandakaranya’s name comes from the Sanskrit word “danda”, which means punishment, and “Aranya”, which means forest.

Fact #6: Ram Setu Bridge

Ram Setu Bridge

The Ram Setu was built by Rama, Lakshaman and their army is known as Adams Bridge. Historians and Hindus have always believed that Ram Setu is related to Ramayana. In 2002, NASA official confirmed that the Ramayana is associated with an ancient Ram Setu “Adam’s Bridge” built between the Rameshwaram Island of India and Sri Lanka. This bridge is believed to be 1,750,000 years old, and NASA officially accepted the same.

Fact #7: Lord Hanuman Had a Special Relationship with Sindoor

Lord Hanuman Had a Special Relationship with Sindoor

We all know that Lord Hanuman is also known as Bajrang Bali. However, not many of us know the origin of this name. The name Bajrang came from two words, “baj” meaning force and “rang” meaning colour. Thus, the name suggests that Lord Hanuman is powerful and brave.

In Hinduism, the practice of putting vermillion (aka Sindoor) on the forehead is deeply rooted. But, most of us don’t know that, like all other Gods, Lord Hanuman also had a special relationship with Sindoor.

Once. While Mata Sita was putting sindoor on her forehead, Lord Hanuman asked why she put Sindoor. Mata Sita replied that since she is the wife and companion of Lord Rama, Sindoor is a sign of unconditional love and respect. Lord Hanuman covered his entire body with sindoor to show his total devotion, love, and duty as protector of Lord Rama.

Lord Rama was impressed by the devotion of Lord Hanuman and granted a boon that those who would worship Lord Hanuman with sindoor, their life would be filled with health, wealth, happiness and protection from any problems or obstacles.

Fact #8: Name of the Bow Used in the Swayamvar

When all the princes gathered to marry Sita by breaking Lord Shiva’s 1000-year-old bow, Lord Rama succeeded to break the bow to marry Mata Sita. “Pinak” was the name of the bow used in the swayamvar. The bow was gifted to Lord Shiva by Rishi Dadhichi.

Fact #9: Ravana Requested Ten Heads

From a very young age, Ravana was a devotee of Lord Shiva. He spent years in mount Kailash and pleased Lord Shiva with his Penance. Ravana demanded immortality but was refused by Lord Shiva because He could not go against the Law of Karma. Instead, He offered him invincibility from Gods, Gandharvas (the celestial musicians), and Asuras (the demons); anything else that would be possible for Him to do for Ravana. Ravana also requested ten heads as he wanted to sing and praise the name of Lord Shiva with his ten mouths, which was granted.

Fact #10: Samaadhi

It is believed that when Sita abandoned her body after being absorbed in the earth, lord Ram abandoned the earth after taking water samadhi in the river Saryu.

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